Lucerne Journals

Summer in Switzerland

A July 2001 trip to Lucerne by Constance

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Quote: Thanks to American television, I imagined Swiss women wearing their hair in braids, locals making cheese and chocolate, and cows grazing in fields behind tiny villages. A quick trip to Lucerne proved that I was wrong about the braids, but not far off on the rest.

Hiking up the Stanserhorn

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Stanserhorn Photo, Lucerne, Switzerland
After a day of exploring Lucerne, I was ready to conquer the mountains I'd been gazing at from my hotel window. A 20-minute train ride took us to the base of the Stanserhorn, where I boarded a small tram to the summit. The slow and curvy climb gave views of jagged rocky cliffs and melting expanses of snow dotted with freshly blooming flowers and sunshine. Although the view up the mountain was amazing, I wasn't prepared for the spectacular scene that awaited me at the summit. Panoramic doesn't even begin to describe it. From Sanserhorn you can see not only the magnificent alpine range, but 10 Swiss lakes and more valleys than you can count. The sound of cowbells echoed through the valleys and dri...Read More



Lucerne Houses Photo, Lucerne, Switzerland
After a short train ride from Zurich, I arrived in Lucerne (Luzern) full of energy and eager to explore. I checked into my room and looked out of the window at the view. Majestic snow-capped peaks rose above a crystal lake that generated an immediate aura of calm. Suddenly exploring the town didn't seem as urgent, and I stopped to breathe in the fresh air and admire the beauty before me. This was a sight that didn't loose its impact. From the first day to the last, each morning when I woke up, it took my breath away. Lucerne can only be described as a storybook town. Narrow cobblestone streets give you glimpses of a time long ago. The architecture of the castles, clock towers, churche...Read More