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A Yank's Adventure in Middle Earth

A July 2003 trip to Rotorua by bdsace

Quote: Traveling from Auckland to Wellington, my son and I traveled through Peter Jackson's Middle Earth of NZ. Driving a small camper through Hobbiton, and past Mt. Doom, my 13-year-old enjoyed an adventure that will stay with him forever.

Agrodome - Zorb Rotorua (Zorbing)

Attraction | "Zorb Rotorua"

Find the wonderful town of Rotorua, and go visit John and his mates at Zorb Rotorua. Being harnessed inside a 15 foot plastic ball and sent bouncing down a hill is a safer adrenaline rush then other Kiwi thrills (ie bungee jumping). The trip down is intense, but like most of the folks in New Zealand, you also get to meet some awesome folks that are so unique to this incredible country. John and crew will take good care of you.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on August 7, 2003

Agrodome - Zorb Rotorua (Zorbing)
Western Road, Ngongotaha
Rotorua, New Zealand
64 7 357 1050