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"Story Land in New Hampshire"

An August 2002 trip to Jackson by cshouley

Quote: Wildcat Mountain Townhouse Resort, near Story Land in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Very rustic and rural, yet the beautiful mountain scenery all around makes up for the lack of amenities at the resort.

"Story Land in New Hampshire"


Story Land is a must if you are traveling with younger children. In the summer, also visit the many crystal clear waterfalls, some of which become wading pools at the bottom.

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Must have a car to fully enjoy the area.
The Townhouse iself was roomy and spacious; modern, yet rustic. The beautiful White Mountain scenery made up for the lack of resort amenities; which consisted of an indoor pool, a game room, and one old rusty swing(the"playground"), which my kids fought over. Two very small bedrooms and a loft with two twin beds. The loft was cute, but only accessed by steep stairways, and became very hot in the evenings.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on July 31, 2003

Wildcat Mountain Townhouse Resort
Route 16
Jackson, New Hampshire
(603) 383-0920

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