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An April 2003 trip to Japan by rockpaperscissors

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Quote: I was expecting Japan to be completely insane, but I found that, aside from the crowds in metropolitan areas, it was actually not so crazy. Still, I was often overwhelmed and frustrated during my first few days there. But it got easier . . .

14 days on JapanRail

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Niko has fantastic temples and shrines and is easy to get to from Tokyo. Koya San is a pain-in-the-ass to get to, but a great experience if you are interested in staying in a Buddhist temple and eating amazing vegetarian meals (It's pretty pricey though). There's loads to see in Kyoto, Hiroshima was an incredibly friendly and moving place, and Tokyo is a universe unto itself. Takayama is a stop worth making as well, if you have the time.Quick Tips: Take advantage of the Tourist Information Centers. The people who work there are godsends. If you are travelling in April/May, book accomodation as far in advance as possible! If you are planning to travel to Japan during Golden Week (us...Read More

Tsujki Fish Market


Tsukji Fish Market Photo, Japan, Asia
OK, I usually don't do too well with slaughtered animals. Although I do eat fish, I prefer not to think about it all sliced open and oozing its guts onto a platter. So imagine my surprise when I encountered the aesthetic pleasures of the Tsujki Fish Market! I seriously couldn't stop snapping pictures. The fish, dead though they were, were displayed so beautifully. And the people working at the fish market were, by far, the friendliest and most responsive I encountered in Tokyo. I think there's stuff to see as long as you arrive before 10AM or so. You can easily get there by train.

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