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puerto rico

A June 2003 trip to Canary Islands by natalie03

Quote: A journal on Puerto Rico.

puerto rico


Best part of the holiday was the nightlife, which doesn't kick off till about 10.30pm. There are also a lot of places to eat.

Quick Tips:

I wouldn't suggest going to the water park in Puerto Rico -- it's not really worth the money and it's not a full day out due to only a few slides. And if you have quite fair skin, there's no shade at all.

Best Way To Get Around:

The best way of getting around Puerto Rico is by walking by the habour, but during the heat of the day, taxis would be best as it gets really hot!

Puerto Anfi


Best Things Nearby:The best thing is that everything you need is onsite, you wouldn't even have to leave Anfi.Best Things About the Resort:The best thing about this timeshare is that it's home from home, got all the facilities of home, just with maid service and the sun everyday!Resort Experience:Anfi is amazing! It has everything you need to live there, never mind to go on holiday! Most rooms have great views of the hrabour, beach, or pool. They have their own live entertainment at night, including tributes to The Drifters and Kylie. They also have their own childrens club and have a great selection of water sports at their own beach. They also have daily act...Read More

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Puerto Anfi
Barranco de la Verga
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