Bear Valley Journals

High Sierra Music Festival

A July 1996 trip to Bear Valley by ptpinit

Quote: The High Sierra Music Festival takes place every Fourth of July Weekend at Bear Valley Ski Area in Bear Valley, CA (northern Sierras).

High Sierra Music Festival

Best Of IgoUgo


It was a magical weekend with great music performers from all different genres, including rock, bluegrass, jazz, country. I think the best part was meeting people from all over the country that had descended upon the HSMF. It was sunny, warm during the day and cool at night, perfect summer mountain weather. Lots of festivalians went for a swim in a clear mountain lake down the road (which I unfortunately didn't get to visit).Quick Tips: Try to get to the festival early and set up a good camping spot. It's nice to not have to trudge long distances back and forth between your campsite and the music stages. I would bring lots of water since the water truck tends to get really crowded. There is a...Read More