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College Graduation, Padova Style

A March 2003 trip to Padova by boludo

Quote: Rarely given more than a cursory nod by guidebook writers, Padua (Padova) will please travelers weary of nearby Venice's crass tourist vibe.

College Graduation, Padova Style


Upon receiving their degrees from the prestigious Universita della Padova, students know what pure disgrace they're in for. In front of the Bo, the central university building on Padua's circa 17th-century pedestrian mall, freshly minted grads are dressed by their friends (or undressed) to appear as heinous and trashy as possible, from a cheap prostitute to an obscene Jesus on the cross. Then, they read from their papiro, a poem painstakingly composed by their closest friends, containing vague allusions to sexual conquests and mishaps in the grad's young life -- and when the grad stumbles, the gathered crowd orders him/her to drink straight from the bottle. After completing the reading, the grad is mo...Read More

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