Key West Journals

Winter Break in the Sunshine State

A January 2001 trip to Key West by Sugaree

Quote: Three college students from New Jersey + one '87 Toyota Camry + two nights in Orlando and three nights in Key West = a very memorable road trip!

Winter Break in the Sunshine State


Shopping along the main drag in Key West is a must. It's a very eclectic neighborhood with everything from fine art galleries to dollar stores. I personally recommend stopping for some Cherry Garcia ice cream at the Ben & Jerry shop.

Quick Tips:

If I could go back to the trip to change anything, I would have skipped Disney World and spent the entire vacation in Key West. Going to Orlando as an adult destroyed my childhood memories of the magical place.

Best Way To Get Around:

Key West is only about a mile across. We had our car with us, but the best way to get around was by scooter. Most of the hotels rent them out by the day. It's a great way to experience the island.

Parrot Key Hotel & Resort

Hotel | "Hampton Inn"

The three of us stayed at the Hampton Inn for three nights. It turned out to be much more for our money than we had expected. The hotel was on the Gulf so we had a view from the bar, a view from the pool and jacuzzi, and a view from our room. The sunsets were spectacular. The atmosphere was quiet and serene. Our room was spacious and clean. We were only five minutes from downtown. We have no complaints!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on July 6, 2003

Parrot Key Hotel & Resort
2801 N. Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West, Florida 33040
(305) 809-2200

A great way to see the marine life without getting wet is to book a cruise on a glass bottom boat. You get a detailed tour of the seaport plus an exciting underwater adventure for a very reasonable price. We were fortunate to be able to witness an intimate wedding taking place on one of the white sand beaches. It's also a great way to meet and get to know other tourists staying in the area.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on July 6, 2003

Glass Bottom Boat Cruise
Historic Seaport Area
Key West, Florida

There are a lot of pedestrians in Key West so traffic moves pretty slow. While slowly rolling down Duval Street in my best friend's car, I was hit in the rear by a bus that had run a stop sign. I was from out of state and driving a car that didn't belong to me so I wasn't too sure what to do. I pulled over to the right and the bus pulled up beside me. A crispy looking local stumbled out and stuttered, "I think I may have hit your car there." It was clear that this guy was two sheets to the wind on a Sunday afternoon. Before I could say anything in response to his first comment, he began to tell me why he didn't see me on the road: "You see, there was this woman on the corner there and she st...Read More