Cincinnati Journals

Cincinnati Reds and Bengals--- New Stadiums

A September 2002 trip to Cincinnati by sustogner

Aerial View-Photos From Website Photo, Cincinnati, Ohio More Photos
Quote: The Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team and the Cincinnati Bengals Football Team just recently had new stadiums built: Cincinnati Reds--Great American Ball Park and Cincinnati Bengals---Paul Brown Stadium. We miss the old stadiums but feel blest with the new.
Aerial View-Photos From Website Photo, Cincinnati, Ohio
The Great American Ball Park is where the Cincinnati Reds play. This park replaced Cinergy Field just recently. The Great American Ball Park allows fans to sit and watch close to the action -- right behind homeplate. But all the seats are great to watch the Cincinnati Reds play great baseball. Do not forget your glove to catch those fly balls. Even the seats in the nosebleed section are great seats to see the whole field and game. But take your binoculars for your close-ups of the baseball action.
One of the Last Cinergy-Reds Games Photo, Cincinnati, Ohio
We attended one of the last games to be played at Cinergy Field just before it was demolished to allow the Great American Ball Park to be finished. We were sitting enjoying the game. My husband looks up at the new bank of lights for the Great American Ball Park. He turns to all of us and says, "See the wire handing down from those lights? Go pull that wire and all the lights will come on at the new ball park." Of course, we said, "Really!!!" Then we realized he was only teasing us -- or was he????? (See photos to see what we saw.)