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Paradisus Puna Cana

A November 2003 trip to Dominican Republic by olivehawk

Barvao Beach Photo, Dominican Republic, Caribbean More Photos
Quote: Our trip to Dominican Republic Nov 2002.

Paradisus Puna Cana

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Barvao Beach Photo, Dominican Republic, Caribbean
Untouched white sand beaches in a very tropical setting. The resort was just huge and the grounds were just beautiful. There were eight or nine different restaurants on the property and all were just wonderful. Choose from Italian, Mexican, French, Chinese, Japanese cuisine or just go to the Oceanfront Grill or great buffet. This is an all-inclusive resort and for US a day it was a great bargain. They even offered FREE cigarettes and cigars to all that smoked them. All activities, from small sailboats, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, to horseback riding are included. The pool was huge and offered both quiet niches to get away from it all and for those who want more action, the swim-up bar was where ...Read More