St. Barthelemy Journals

St. Barthelemy - Miles Away from Ordinary

A May 2003 trip to St. Barthelemy by didav

Quote: Great day trip to St. Barts. Not a sea person, so take the charter it only takes 10 minutes on a dual prop plane. I used Winnair. It was a great experience. You have the whole day to visit Saint-Jean and Gustav by car. Car/scooter and taxi available at airport for rent.

Nikki Beach Restaurant & Plage

Restaurant | "Nikki Beach Restaurant & Plage"

Ever had lunch in a tepee? Wait until you see Nikki's on the Beach. This exquisite restaurant is a must see. The sushi is served on wooden plates shaped like fish. They have beach chair rentals at a nominal fee of $20 US. Visit them at their web site here for further details.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on June 13, 2003