Tamarindo Journals

5 days in Tamarindo

A June 2003 trip to Tamarindo by LISADHARMA

Quote: A great little town, not just for surfers . . .

5 days in Tamarindo


Best things to do: Congo Trail Canopy Tour (book at the tourist office next to the bank) -- buys you the hour ride there and back, an 11 zip-line adventure with excellent Tico guides, and a beer to bring your blood pressure down after the crazy ride!!! Memorable Moments: Dancing the night away with our new Tico friends to techno music at a local RAVE party a bartender told us about. Quick Tips: Lots of bugs . . . try not to go out dusk or dawn without pants or at least bug spray. Use colones at the eateries -- the exchange rate in the area is .390 at the restaurants, but .395 for everywhere else. Just like anywhere -- your "please" and "thank you" go a long way!Best Way To Get A...Read More
New, clean, quaint, centrally located. There is a pool, kitchen (with stove and fridge), air-conditioner in the bedroom and ceiling fans throughout. Two stories, one bedroom. Private hammock on patio. Anja and Tom are a young German couple, and very accommodating.

$55 per night. They have also rooms for $25 a night.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on June 11, 2003

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Tamarindo Beach
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Our journey began flying on standby out of LAX, (my friend works for the airlines and I was fortunate enough to fly on a buddy pass). We were able to hook up 1st class seats on our flight, but were warned a large group had booked on our layover in Guatamala City and we may be kicked off. Very scary!!! Neither of us speak any Spanish and we had not researched any accommodations in Guatamala! Luckily, we made it through and landed in Costa Rica the following morning. A porter took our bags to the Sansa Airlines "terminal" where we hopped on a 12 seater plane to Tamarindo. The terminal was a tin looking warehouse where we were duped out of 7000 colones apiece ($18) for an "overweight fee" on our l...Read More