Nova Scotia Journals

White Point Beach Lodge

An August 2003 trip to Nova Scotia by Tenia

Quote: White Point Beach Lodge is located right on the shore between Yarmouth Nova Scotia (the gateway to Nova Scotia using the Ferry from Bar Harbour Maine) and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

White Point Beach Lodge


For my mother the highlight is the food they provide to feed the wild rabbits all over the resort. For my sister and her husband they especially enjoy the golf and sea kayaking at the resort. My favorite is the big lounge with the fireplace as a central meeting place for the guests. Of course the cabins are very romantic, tucked into the trees along the shore. This resort has been a favorite of my family since I sent my parents down there for an anniversary a few years ago. I arranged for wine, flowers, and a basket of goodies to be left in their room as a surprise. My parents thought that there was a cost so they didn't use anything and left everything when they left. So much for that surprise....Read More