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St. John week 4

A May 2003 trip to St. John by PAPAGENA

Le Pays de la Sagouine Photo, St. John, New Brunswick More Photos
Quote: 4th week in St. John. Only 1.5 weeks to go. I'm having a blast.

St. John week 4


"Le pays de la sagouine in Batouche".
"Olivier" soapery.
Lobster fishing.

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Lobster fishing is nothing for softies.

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St. John Week 4


Le Pays de la Sagouine Photo, St. John, New Brunswick
I can not believe that we only have a bit more then one week to go. Time went by so fast. Last week we were a bit lazy really. After we came back from Toronto on thusday we were pretty broke and I cant await friday to get some money in the bank. Everyone here gets paid weekly and they can not believe that we get paid once a month. Anyway, we went to see the Matrix Reloaded last Thursday and I find it really good. Not that I understand what it is about, but Keanu Reeves is in it, so I don't care so much about the storyline. On Friday me and David and Morgan were supposed to meet in Dooleys for couple of drinks, but these two decided not to go and not to tell me either, so I waited and waited and...Read More