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Wall, South Dakota - Wall Drug

A June 2003 trip to South Dakota by noelle_1

Quote: You will see many many signs for Wall Drug located in Wall, South Dakota. Should you stop or just keep on moving?

Wall Drug


Wall Drug is more famous for all the signs they have along the highway than they are for their merchandise. It is a humongous store on the western edge of SD. It has been set up like a small Wild West town and there are many activities in the midst of the shopping. They also have free cold water - which I cannot overvalue because we were horribly parched by the time we got there from the long drive across SD. If you are in the market for a cowboy hat, they have it. If you need something more mundane, like a Bandaid, they have that too. It is basically like a Walmart with a more western feel (and of course, there is only 1 Wall Drug). They have a play area for kids, and an art museum too. W...Read More

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on May 17, 2003

Wall Drug
510 Main Street
Wall, South Dakota 57790
(605) 279-2175