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Our "Off Week" in Tahoe was right on!

A May 2003 trip to South Lake Tahoe by wkrell

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Quote: My wife Kathyann and I have been using bonus weeks at Gold Crown resorts that are usually offered on white or blue weeks. Many resorts refer to these periods as "Off Week" time and report that activities in the area may be limited. We enjoyed a great week, had several first time experiences, and would encourage everyone to keep using the "Red Weeks" whenever possible. In short, our stay at the Embassy Resort in South Lake Tahoe was luxurious and excitement filled.

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Balloon Liftoff Photo, South Lake Tahoe, California
After racing to our destination ahead of the forecasted snow storm, my wife Kathyann and I exchanged the usual "what do you want to do next" comments as we settled into our spacious accommodations. The Friday afternoon we arrived was spent taking stock of our surroundings and getting stock to fill our refrigerator for the week. Next we turned our attention to the night lights at the casinos and we left our regular donation at the slot machines before returning to the fireplace in our room for some snuggle time. The next morning was a treat as we woke to falling snow which we enjoyed from the resort's workout room before jumping into the outdoor Jacuzzi and indoor/outdoor pool. There is somethin...Read More

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