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James Dean - Indiana

An August 2002 trip to Fairmount by katshadow

Quote: Don't miss Fairmont, Indiana, if you're a James Dean fan.

James Dean - Indiana


Don’t miss Fairmont, Indiana, if you are a James Dean fan. While there are two museums dedicated to James Dean, the best one is at 203 E. Washington Street. They have information on his life in Fairmont and as a movie star. One of the guides actually grew up and went to school with James Dean. I guess I never realized that he was killed because another driver got tired of waiting in traffic and pulled in front of him to turn around. I also assumed, because of his reputation, that he died while he was driving in a reckless manner. Anyway, the museum has some of his school papers and artwork, he was a pretty good artist, too. The museum will give you directions to James Dean’s hom...Read More

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