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A September 2002 trip to Cabo San Lucas by lag029

Quote: Great time, perfect weather. Lots to do and see. Relax and drink on the beach. Lay around the pool all day and go dance all night. Jumping town. Ready to go back NOW!!!The people and the resorts are wonderful. Just be carefull at the gas pumps as they only accept pesoes, and they tend to take advantage if you don't speak there language.

Squid Roe

Attraction | "El Squid Roe"

The bar is open to the outside even though from the street it looks like it is enclosed. People of all ages are dancing all over the place and the later it gets the crazier it gets. The people are lots of fun and by the time you are done you will have met everyone in the place. After 2am is the when the place real heats up, learn to expect the unexpected and just go have a blast. By the time everyone arives the people are packed in like sardines, but still the place to be. It closes about the time the sun comes up.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 13, 2003

Squid Roe
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