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Place des Vosges and The Louvre

An April 2003 trip to Paris by vivimero

Maison de Victor Hugo Photo, Paris, France More Photos
Quote: Walking tour. Make sure you have the pass for all the museums -- it's useful, especially to go to the Louvre.

Place des Vosges and The Louvre


The house of Victor Hugo, walking under the arcades, walking down a street full of nice shops.

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I am starting to like Paris, walking here and there. Soon, once I've unpacked the moving boxes, I will put all the new photos of Paris online.

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buy the VISIT PARIS card.

Maison de Victor Hugo

Attraction | "Victor Hugo House"

Maison de Victor Hugo Photo, Paris, France
30th April Louvre: Mainly Egyptian and Italian paintings, Greek art. The Egyptian art took up two floors, so it was really exhausting to visit that area itself. It was so hot inside that I was dreaming of going outside. Comments are at the beginning! Victor Hugo's house. Place des Vosges (Place Louis XIII). The square is charming with those brick houses, the arcades, and the garden in the middle. The house is nice with strange wallpaper. The film about his house in Guernsey was really interesting. I loved seeing the images of the house in Hauteville in Guernsey (I must remember to go there one day . . . that is, if we can afford a holiday. Our house is so ...Read More

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Maison de Victor Hugo
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