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An Island Vacation

A July 2002 trip to Charlottetown by wendyfun

Quote: Our trip to Charlottetown, PE took place over the July 1 weekend. There were a lot of activities going on because of Canada day, including a parade, outdoor concert, and a giant flea market. Although the streets were crowded with people, they were all friendly and polite.

An Island Vacation


One of the highlights of the trip was eating a huge lobster dinner at great prices. We found that the best way of doing this was to go to one of local church suppers instead of dining at the restaurants. We also travelled from Charlottetwon to Cavendish to visit the Anne of Green Gables House. The beaches at Cavendish alone are worth making the trip for beautiful white sand and miles of coast. Quick Tips: We do recommend making travel arrangements in advance as the island is very popular during the summer months. This includes not only hotels or motels but camping as well. Best Way To Get Around: Prince Edward Island is not very large but we recommend having a vehicle to get the mos...Read More

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