Bend Journals

Real Cowboys and holdups too.

An October 2000 trip to Bend by VegaGold

Quote: Stoneridge Townhomes (#2770) Sunriver Oregon. Double entry way, very high ceilings with a staircase to be dreamed of, large dinning area for whole families, a kitchen with cupboards from here to breakfast. More, yes, there is a garage to go along with this wonderful place (electric opener too).

Real Cowboys and holdups too.


If one can part from the roomy room, there are 37 acres of paved bicycle trails all connected. Visit caves in the area along with Cinder cones from old volcanoes, museums, and take the "Dinner Train". It goes from Bend to Prineville along galloping tracks. Watch out for the thieving cowboys with horses and guns. It is great for adults and children. Oh! The condo has bicycles at no cost for the guests and a library too. The local live theatre (inexpensive) is very good and serves cold salmon with drinks.Quick Tips: Schedule yourself, as there are also old hayrides in the Redmond area a short distance from Bend. There is a lot of history in this area from Native American culture to cowboys. The...Read More