Quetzaltenango Journals

Spanish Languge Studies in Guatemala

A July 2002 trip to Quetzaltenango by Anna26

Quote: During my month-long stay in Guatemala, I spent three weeks in an intensive Spanish language studies program. I had a wonderful time in the charming city of Quetzaltenango, visiting everything from the daily market to the lively nightclubs.

Spanish Languge Studies in Guatemala


There are many fun destinations very close to Quetzaltenengo. I enjoyed trips to a nearby town for a festival, a hike to the natural steam baths, and various markets in surrounding towns. Quick Tips: During the rainy season, Quetzaltenango is damp and chilly. I made the mistake of bringing only one sweatshirt on my trip and was forced to wear it every single day. Best Way To Get Around: It is possible to take taxis in Quetzaltenango during daylight hours, though I found it easy to walk almost everywhere. When you first arrive, however, you may want to take a taxi to your first destination. I adore the public buses in Guatemala. They are cheap and fairly convenient. Howeve...Read More