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Best Kept Dining Secret in Southern Virginia

A May 2003 trip to South Hill by zerbet

Quote: This is a restaurant that lies just of I-85 in South Hill, Virginia. Anyone traveling the I-85 corridor should give this one a try when the opportunity arises. Better yet, create the opportunity by planning your travel schedule to pass South Hill at lunchtime or dinnertime.

Kahill's Restaurant

Best Of IgoUgo


I first came across this restaurant by accident when I missed an exit ramp going north on I-85 near South Hill. We had made this trip several times while taking our daughter to college near Charlotte, NC. Since our first stop here, we now plan our trips south so we hit Exit 15 at lunchtime or dinnertime. We have patronized this restaurant at least a dozen times now; and our daughter has followed suit. This restaurant lies in the heart of tobacco country so we were expecting some "down home" style food. I was stunned when I saw the lunch special on our first visit was Quail stuffed with oysters!! I generally opt for the Fettucini Alfredo (and they have put broiled s...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on May 3, 2003

Kahill's Restaurant
1799 N Mecklenburg Avenue
South Hill, Virginia 23950
(434) 447-6941