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the beauty of suriname

An August 2002 trip to Paramaribo by moneboon

Quote: Suriname is a beautiful country with so many cultures living in it. Just staying there is like traveling the world.

the beauty of suriname


One of the most memorable things to do is a fully arranged trip to the rainforest Bij Small Plain. You see culture and nature in pretty luxurious conditions. If you'd like to arrange it all by yourself, you see much more of the people and culture. You really feel you are travelling. Both way's are beautiful and highly recommended. Also a really nice thing to do is visit some old plantations on a bicycle. It gives you the feeling of how Suriname was earlier.Quick Tips: Go to Paramaribo at Christmas and New Year's. Surinamese can make a great party. Eat saoto soup (a soup with chicken, egg, rice, and fried potatoes). Eat at the Chinese restaurant Dumpling No 1 (next to...Read More

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