Gozo Journals

Luxury in Gozo

An April 2003 trip to Gozo by Irishlouise

Quote: I recently stayed in Malta ,but took a trip to the lovely idea of Gozo and was amazed at what a lovely island it was!
Best Things Nearby:The resort is fairly out of the way as far as activities are concerned. You would definitely need a car. The beach is beautiful and there are great scuba diving centers close by.Best Things About the Resort:The luxury of it! The minute I walked into this resort I felt myself whispering as a child would do in a posh place! Because it is that posh! Beautiful reception area, with staff who fall over you to ensure everything is ok. The decor is to the highest standard I've ever seen and you feel like you've become royalty when you walk through the front door!Resort Experience:The timeshare rooms are very tastefully decorated and very roomy. All ...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 23, 2003

San Lawrenz Leisure Resort
Triq Ir Rokon
Gozo, Malta
(356) 2211-0000