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The Honeymoon Huts of the Tirol

A January 1987 trip to Innsbruck by Wildcat Dianne

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Quote: When you visit Innsbruck, I seriously recommend that you take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the villages outside of the city. You can see many of the famous hay or honeymoon huts that line the paths and are a great source of jokes for the Austrian people.

The Honeymoon Huts of the Tirol


Honeymoon Huts Photo, Innsbruck, Austria
I took several bus tours around the Austrian countryside and to many sights, but the best way I saw the Austrian countryside was by horse-drawn carriage along the snowy trails of the Tirol. I was the lucky one who got to sit in the seat near the carriage driver. He didn''t say much, but he was nice. The ride began in a village outside of Innsbruck that was straight out of a fairytale and went past many farms and tiny hamlets. The hay or "honeymoon" huts are used by the farmers for storing hay, but many say that they are used for some extra-curricular activities by the farmers and their wives or girlfriends. The joke among Austrians is that ''you go into the honeymoon huts as two...Read More