Alma Journals

Great weekend Hiking trip

A July 2002 trip to Alma by Candyapple

Quote: The Fundy Coast has many hiking trails--from beginner level 1 to novice level 5. You will see, hear, and explore many beautiful areas during your stay.

Great weekend Hiking trip


My husband and I found Third Vault Falls. A 7km hike leading to a 16 meter waterfall. We packed a lunch and swim wear for the pond at the end of the hike. On the return hike, we took many pictures of the trails, animals, and great green foliage. It was a real experience. The small town of Alma is just down from the park -- it has the small town amenities you might need while staying in the park -- a store, bakeshop, gas bar, and a medical center.Quick Tips: We stayed in one of Fundy's very nice cabins. However, there are many tenting and camper parks, with full washroom and laundry facilities.Best Way To Get Around: If you are real nature lovers, you could get around by foot. H...Read More