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Nervous in Hong Kong

A March 2003 trip to Hong Kong by Elginah

The Kowloon Hotel Photo, Hong Kong, China More Photos
Quote: We took a flight from Xi'an to Shenzen and then a speed boat to Hong Kong. We then spent 5 days in the city.
The Kowloon Hotel Photo, Hong Kong, China
We made our reservations on the Internet, and breakfast was not included. The hotel entrance was crowded by some road work, but taxis, shuttles, and tour buses had no problems driving you to the door. This hotel lies at an angle to busy Nathan Road, though the noise levels were pretty low on the 13th floor. The lobby was pretty open and the check-in lady was very helpful. There were not that many non-smoking rooms, so we opted for a floor on a high level--hoping for a view. The room turned out to the smallest hotel room I've ever encountered in my life. It was definitely a room for one. There was hardly any space to hang up clothes, let alone leave one's suitcase lying down. This was ...Read More

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The Kowloon Hotel
19-21 Nathan Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2929 2888