Easter Island Journals

A few days on Easter Island

A July 2002 trip to Easter Island by James B

Quote: Easter Island is an end-of-the-world kind of place, difficult and expensive to get to for most people, but one of those iconic landscapes that is very moving when you're there.

A few days on Easter Island


The only reason to go to Easter Island is to see the large Moai (large head statues) that are scattered around the island. Historically very interesting and an interesting place to stop if traveling between South America and the Pacific.Quick Tips: Large numbers of touts for hotels and pensiones are at the airport to meet you. You get a better deal by bartering there, rather than by trying to book ahead. They should give you free transfer to the accommodation and back to the airport. Food is relatively expensive by Chile standards, but OK quality. Weather is hot in summer (take sun protection) and possibly quite wet and windy in winter (i.e. June to August). Shoulder season best. Best Wa...Read More