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Cheap fun in St Louis

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Quote: St Louis is a city with many world-class attractions that can be enjoyed very inexpensively by families or individuals visiting the biggest small town in the U.S.

Cheap fun in St Louis


In this journal, I'm going to point out the various attractions and destinations that can be enjoyed on a limited budget, the best times to go, the best way to get there and park there, and the best web sites for getting the latest information about each. Some of the attractions I'll be reviewing include the Zoo, the Science Center, Union Station, the Arch, the Art Museum, Soulard Market, the Cathedral Basilica and the History Museum. Quick Tips: Best Way To Get Around: Driving is the way to go in St. Louis -- for a big city, the public transportation here is limited. There is a light rail here, but it is extremely limited in destinations -- an expensive folly. Buses are available, ...Read More

St. Louis Zoo

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St. Louis Zoo Photo, St. Louis, Missouri
I have been to zoos all over the country and I can say without reservation the St. Louis Zoo is my favorite. It is located in Forest Park--St. Louis's Central Park. Admission is free--however, some exhibits inside are not. The park is large enough that just seeing the free parts of the zoo will take all day however. The front entrance of the zoo (look for the big "zoo" stone sculpture) has free parking along the street leading up to it. Like most zoos, the best time to go is weekdays during spring and fall, the earlier the better. When you first go in to the right will be Historic Hill--the oldest part of the zoo and my favorite. The buildings there were built during the twenties and are exquisite. Be...Read More

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St. Louis Zoo
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