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Trip to Greece

A March 1994 trip to Athens by savella

Quote: Although this journey was some time ago, I would like to write about it. I went with a good group of close friends 'round in Athens, Paros, and Zakithos.

Trip to Greece


Best part about Athens is the Parthenon. There you get to know how much history Greece has got. The thing that amazed me the most was how the ancient people move the HUGE giantic rocks in order to build the Parthenon. Another memorable moment was catching the ferry to go to Zakithos. The day was brilliant and you could see the mainland. In Zakithos, we got a small boat and we went to see the very light blue waters in a cave. Arriving there, you could actually see that the water was the normal blue, but once we got into the cave and close to the light blue waters -- it was amazing because you could see the difference in colour. If you are in Athens, the nightlife there is brilliant. We ...Read More