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Our Maui Trip

An August 2002 trip to Maui by relaxn

Quote: Our family trip to beautiful Maui. A once in a life time trip that we plan on making again, next time without the kids.

Our Maui Trip


There are many many things to do while in Maui. Some of our highlights were a helicopter tour over the island, a sunrise bike ride down the Haleakala Volcano, snorkeling on our own, and swiming with the sea turtles.Quick Tips: The best thing to do is get a travel guide book before coming to Maui. You can also vist to get an idea of all of the activities available. Another suggestion is to go to and buy a Hawaii entertainment coupon booklet for . You'll find coupons in there for Cruiser Phil's that will save you and many other rebates as well.Best Way To Get Around: ...Read More

Maui Sunset


Best Things Nearby:In the middle of the island on the west coast, between Lahaina in the north and Wailea to the South.Best Things About the Resort:They have a welcoming continental breakfast on the check-in dates hosted by Activity World. This is a company that will sell you discounts to all types of activities on the island. You usually get additional coupons to nice restaurants by booking through them. Just keep in mind that they are not the only ones in town that do this. Also, you may be able to find better deals on the web.Resort Experience:A simple timeshare, nothing elaborate. It is right on the beach, but the beach is not for swimming. Nice view of th...Read More

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Maui Sunset
1032 S. Kihei Road
Maui, Hawaii

There are many different tour companies that offer the sunrise bike ride from the top of Haleakala. The tour we went on took us to a more secluded lookout point for the sunrise, where all the other tours took people to the designated lookout. Also, we were one of the first tours up there so you start your bike ride earlier. Getting up at 2:30am does take a toll on you, and you finish around noon. Plan on taking a nap when you get back!

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