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Budget Stay in Beijing

An April 2003 trip to Beijing by morgause

Quote: For the budget stay in Beijing, try staying at one of the many universities that house foreign students. You can stay there for about $5-$7 a day and there is a canteen where you can have meals.

Budget Stay in Beijing


Great Wall, food stalls, and shopping.

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Metro, bus, and bike.
Most foreigners are supposed to live at officially sanctioned hotels that accept foreigners, but they are usually pretty expensive. The universities are licensed to house foreigners, so that shouldn't be a problem. Only thing is they don't take reservations because they are officially only supposed to house students, so just show up and say one of the students said you could stay there. Then they won't turn you away and it's a legal place to stay. Some places to try are Beijing Normal University, Qinghua University, and Beijing University.

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Beijing Normal University
NO.19, Xinjiekouwai St.Beijing 100875 P.R.China
Beijing, China