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Budapest Turkish Baths

An April 2002 trip to Budapest by morgause

Quote: The plan was to stay in Budapest for a few days during a quick trip around Eastern Europe, but I ended staying for 2 weeks, mostly because it was so relaxing.

Budapest Turkish Baths


Good food, wine, friendly people, and best of all - the Turkish Baths.

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Walking and tram.

Gellert Baths

Attraction | "Thermal baths"

The biggest thermal bath in the city is housed in the Gellart hotel, a beautiful Art Deco-type building with amazing Turkish baths. There are three levels to the baths, with men and women segrated and a mixed main indoor bath/pool as well as an outdoor one in the summer. First, you pay the entrance fee about 7 euros, and then you go to the locker rooms to get undressed. You're given a key which you are supposed to put somewhere (it's a bit hard when you're naked). Then you can go the bath area. You have to make your way past some very strong Hungarian masseuses with a line of women waiting for their masssages. Then you come to two large thermal pools with water coming out from gorgeous gargoyle ...Read More

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Gellert Baths
Kelenhegyi ut, 4-6
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