Morocco Journals

Orientalizing Morocco

An August 2000 trip to Morocco by Chryselle

Quote: Morocco is not just about the pungent aroma of mint tea or the clamour of medieval marketplaces. It is a mix of rugged terrain, exotic food, citizens who are eager to embrace, and citizens who are desperate to leave. Morocco has left me with haunting memories of an ancient way of living that secretly intermingles with a society anxious for modernity.

A Detour in Fez


"Balak!" cried a tiny man as he pulled an equally tiny mule down the narrow medieval street. Jolted out of my reverie of ornate Moorish castles, fragrant gardens, and delicate fountains, I spun around to find myself in the very path of the diminutive man. "Balak!" he cried again as his tiny mule with its wide load of soda bottles jingled by me. My thoughts immediately turned to the miraculous way that both two-way pedestrian traffic and quadrupeds could fit on a street that was barely wide enough for one average-sized person to squeeze through. I suppose that's part of the magic of Old Fez. My eyes were now wide open, thirstily drinking in the enchantment of Morocco. The winding cobbled s...Read More