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A January 2002 trip to Paris by afb

Quote: I suspect the best approach to Paris is to share in the initial excitement had by many: drinking in the Latin Quarter, visiting literary history at Shakespeare and Company, or strolling along the Seine and over the Pont Neuf at night. There are few experiences that rival viewing Paris through idealistic eyes.
Rue de Nesle is a quiet alley that seemingly has avoided being roped into the bustling world of Saint Germain. With lively cafes and restaurants only 50 feet away, Hotel De Nesle brings the discreet charm of a country cottage to the urban excitement of Paris. The location is perfect: it is a short walk from the Seine, and most major sights in the city can be reached on foot. At night, I was able to stroll the Latin Quarter and always be within 10 minutes of my room. Do not let the clutter of plants, clocks, and ornate lamps in the lobby fool you: the hotel is quiet and clean. Rooms have marble sinks and playful art nouveau posters. There is laundry and storage, as well as rooms with and without ...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 1, 2003

Hotel de Nesle
7 Rue de Nesle
Paris, France
33 1 43 54 62 41

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Attraction | "Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle"

I am writing as a traveler who enjoys shunning the traditional tourist sites, who tries to explore cities without the aid of guidebooks, and one who prefers to stumble into strange restaurants as opposed to having Fodor’s select a convenient one for me. Nonetheless, it is in such a city as Paris that I feel comfortable letting my guard down to get in line with the rest of the tourist hoards and "see the sites." Of course, one the first places to start in Paris is Notre Dame. Gothic architecture can be sublime, it can be imposing, even depressing, but it is worth a jaunt through the interior and around the exterior of this massive cathedral and hallmark of architectural history. The Rose...Read More

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Cathédrale Notre-Dame
6, place du Parvis-de-Notre-Dame
Paris, France 75004
+33 (1) 42 34 56 10

Musée du Louvre

Best Of IgoUgo

Attraction | "Louvre"

It almost seems silly to emphasize the importance of a visit to the Louvre during a Parisian tour. Maybe the warning to travelers with even a casual interest in art is to prepare an entire day, two days, heck, even a full work-week to exploring this mecca of art. There is so much to say beyond the obvious, really, that maybe the most novel approach to recommending the Louvre would be to suggest what to see if a traveler only has limited time or what beyond the typical (think: Mona Lisa) is worth seeking out or simply how to avoid collapsing from exhaustion. What to see with limited time: The large canvases of the French Romantics hanging in the Denon Wing are the very images that populate my d...Read More

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Musée du Louvre
99, rue de Rivoli
Paris, France 75001
+33 (1) 40 20 51 51