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Burgdorf Hot Springs

A travel journal to McCall by Wildcat Dianne

The Hot Spring at Burgdorf Photo, McCall, Idaho More Photos
Quote: In the mountains above McCall, Idaho is Burgdorf Hot Springs. It is a historical settlement with a large, rustic hot pool filled from natural hot springs. It is a great day trip from McCall and Donnelly for everyone.

Burgdorf Hot Springs

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The 'Resort' at Brugdorf Hot Springs Photo, McCall, Idaho
Burgdorf Hot Springs was discovered in 1870 by a German explorer by the same name. Since then, it has become a rustic getaway famous for its hot springs and electricity-free cabins in a mountainous and romantic setting. It is best to go up there in the summer, but Burgdorf is open in the winter to snowmobilers and brave people who want to go swimming in the hot springs in freezing snowy weather. I have been there many times since 1988, and I love the hot springs which can soothe achy muscles and whisk away the stress of your every day life. Quick Tips: I would advise people to make a day trip from McCall to Burgdorf. To just swim in Burgdorf Hot Springs, it only costs for adults. There a...Read More