Montego Bay Journals

Montego Bay - My Winter Respite

A February 2003 trip to Montego Bay by Slack

Quote: Everything I did and learned in a brief four-day winter respite trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Montego Bay - My Winter Respite


If you're from a winter bound country like I am (Canada) then hands down, the obvious choice for the best thing about Jamaica is the weather. With an average national temperature of 27C/81F and little variance between seasons, it makes a dependable hotspot for a weekend getaway. With reports on the news every other day of the turbulence in Jamaica these days, I was a little nervous about booking a vacation there; however, Montego Bay is quite removed from the violence of Kingston, and the seat sale airline prices I stumbled upon in late January were much too good to pass up. Quick Tips: The booking was done extremely quickly as the seats were going fast, and as this was meant t...Read More