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A July 2001 trip to Sydney by spngy2

Quote: I never thought we would arrive in Sydney, as the trip is very long. However, I forgot the plane the moment I walked out of the airport.



There is water transportation available for many sights. I took several tours of the harbor and the whole city. One thing that souldn't be missed is a trip to the Opera House. The architecture is brillant. When you see it in the harbor, it takes your breath away. I would also recommend going to the wine country, the beautiful beaches, and the wild life preserves. Seeing the lovely little animals was a real treat.

Quick Tips:

Best Way To Get Around:

I would suggest being prepared to do a lot of walking around the city. Take as many boat tours as possible. It is a great way to see a lot.
This hotel is well worth the money. From the minute you arrive until you check out, you are treated like royalty. The restaurants are very good. The room we stayed in was very comfortable, but the best of all was the magnificant view. We saw both the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. The Opera House is undescribly beautiful. This hotel is very convenient to all transportation and the city.

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Park Hyatt Sydney
Sydney, Australia 2000