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Chad to Senegal: Mostly Overland

An April 2002 trip to Dakar by zenn

Quote: This is the chronicle of a voyage from Chad, Central Africa, to Dakar, Senegal, mostly overland. It includes info from where to get visas to where to stay and what to avoid.
This is the starting point of the journey from Chad to Senegal. N'djamena is a bustling city that still bears the evidence of past wars, as evidenced by the bullet holes and cracked walls that adorn some long-standing buildings. There is a fairly large ex-patriot community in N'djamena, and it is catered to by a selection of comparatively high-priced restaurants, cafés, and bars that are not frequented by many locals. Many boutique groceries in the main downtown shopping districts rarely see a Chadian beacuse of the high prices. In this part of town you can also find gifts like masks, local crafts, and brass figurines made by local craftsmen. They are less costly in other parts of to...Read More

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