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Something different

A December 2002 trip to Tashkent by Graeme Swaine

Quote: This is a very scenic city with mostly modern buildings due to a devastating earthquake in the 1960s. Be aware that ATMs are unheard of, as are EFTPOS and credit card facilities in most areas. Tashkent has fantastic potential for future tourism development, but it needs to be driven by its government.

Something different


Lots of museums with interesting and unique exhibits. Recommend visit to snow fields (three hours drive) with fantastic facilities and world class skiing, all at very cheap rates.

Quick Tips:

- Plan trip well ahead as visa can be hard to arrange
- If you don't know any Russian, hire an interpreter (very cheap). English not widely spoken.
- Shop around for exchange rates. Try to avoid hotels and airports.

Best Way To Get Around:

Very cheap and extensive subway system. Can also hire a car and driver at extremely cheap rates.

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Graeme Swaine

Graeme Swaine
Melbourne, Australia