Bangkok Journals

Venice of the East

A November 2003 trip to Bangkok by spanishflea

Quote: Ahhh, Venice of the East . . . it is an interesting way to describe Bangkok. It was a Thai mna himself that used those words to describe his home. True, Bangkok is filled with canals, but this is about the only similarity.

Venice of the East


You either love Bangkok or you hate it -- I do not believe that people have merely warm feelings reagrding this city. I am one person who loved it!

From the Grand Temple Palace to the street culture, there was an adventure around every corner. I loved learning about the Buddhist religion and relished in the warm smiles I received from almost everyone.

Quick Tips:

Prepare yourself for the heat and the humidity! Make sure that you come to Thailand with a top notch pair of sandals as well because your feet will be doing some walking here!

Best Way To Get Around: