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A travel journal to Washington, D.C. by Beth

Hains Point Photo, Washington, D.C., United States More Photos
Quote: Washington DC has a long list of world-renowned sights but there are some less well-known.

Hidden DC


Explore neighborhoods, study history, watch government in action...there's something for everyone. Despite some of the headlines over the past few years, Washington is actually a pretty clean and safe city. Pay attention, watch your back and act like you know what you're doing and you'll be fine.Quick Tips: Washington is already a pretty good vacation bargain. All the museums of the Smithsonian are free, the monuments are free, tours of the government buildings and the Supreme Court are all free. Since everyone else knows this too, all of these stops are quite popular. The best thing to do is start early, know what you want to see and be patient. In most cases, the lines are well worth it....Read More


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Hains Point Photo, Washington, D.C., United States
Everyone knows about the Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson monuments, but close by is Hains Point. This is an interesting sight that has to be seen to be appreciated! See the pictures.

If you are not traveling with small children, consider visiting the monuments late at night. I was there at 3am, and it is a spectacular sight. The Mall is a relatively safe area. There will definitely be people around but you won't be jostled and such as you try to appreciate the sights. The monuments are all lit up, and you can enjoy them without all the crowds.