Los Cabos Journals

cabo san lucas in baja california

A January 2003 trip to Los Cabos by ron42

Quote: Pueblo Bonito Rose, Baja California.

Pueblo Bonito


If you are comfortable driving in Mexico given that the roads are not to the same standards we expect in North America, try renting a small car rather than becoming involved in taxis, collective buses, and public buses. If you check carefully you can obtain good prices online, but you need to check and re-check to get best prices. Pueblo Bonito Rose is part of a three property chain in the area. The Rose, which is next to the spa unit, is fabulous. It has everything you would need or want and since it is away from the center of town, i.e. ten or fifteen minute walk or five minutes by car. It is quiet. It has a laid back attitude and atmosphere which is great if you just want to hang out with...Read More