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Busy Busy Bangkok

A December 2001 trip to Bangkok by spanishflea

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Quote: Wow, what a fast paced large city. This city is overwhelming to say the least. Your senses will be working overtime with excitement and wonder as you explore all that Bangkok has in store for you.

Busy Busy Bangkok


The local cuisine off of the streets was nothing short of amazing and exotic. For all of you budget travellers, it is the cheapest way to fill your belly too! The Grand Temple Palace is a not to be missed. It is jammed with tourists and Thai's alike, but it is worth going to! If at all possible, hire a guide to walk you through the palace, as you will gain much insight into the paintings, artwork and history to the buildings. Quick Tips: Do not buy anything without first bartering the price down. In most cases, I would end up paying half of what the first asking price was. A good, but seedy, shopping area was Patpong Road. They sell EVERYTHING down there, from a fake Rolex to a Thai woman . ....Read More
JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok Photo, Bangkok, Thailand
We stayed for free because I had won the trip from my company. The accommodations were brilliant! The food that they served was awesome, the pool was perfect, and the room was clean and luxurious. Even by American standards, this place was better than a five star. The Thai people have the whole service thing down to an art - you will more than likely never encounter an unhelpful or rude Thai person in the service industry.

This hotel was an absolute treat to stay in and I would give it a five star all the way. I have not one complaint regarding this hotel. They even provide a free water shuttle from the hotel to the shopping areas which runs every half hour.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 30, 2003

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