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An RCI Wedding in Tobago!

A June 1999 trip to Tobago Cays by Patt711

Quote: A wonderful place to spend a week, especially if you'd like to get married on a jetty surrounded by blue water and wonderful strangers!
I believe they called this a large studio, but it had a loft with a queen bed, plus two pull-out sofas downstairs. Full kitchen. Accommodations were clean and spacious with a small balcony where you could sit and watch planes fly into the very nearby airport. They were renovating the outside clubhouse/bar when we were there, and they had a quaint open-air restaurant as well. Lovely landscaped grounds. Tennis courts and hot tubs - quite a few amenities on-site.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on January 19, 2003

Sandy Point Beach Club
Crown Point
Tobago, West Indies
(868) 639-0820

Best Things Nearby:We walked to a nearby beach that was public, so somewhat crowded. The water was a gorgeous blue and oh . . . so warm! Rented chairs were available for beach sitting and a refreshment stand was close by for lunch.Best Things About the Resort:The people were wonderful! I called ahead for help with our wedding. The receptionist and activities' director were great--they set us up with Mr. Abraham, the local taxi driver, who knew everyone. He drove us everywhere--to his minister and the department for our license, etc. All three joined us on the jetty for the ceremony. The head of housekeeping surprised us on our wedding day with rose petals sprinkled all througho...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on January 19, 2003

Visit Trinidad too


Before going to Tobago, we spent five days in Trinidad. We usually rent a car wherever we go, but since they drive on the left and the roads can be narrow, we used the local bus as our means of transportation, and took it downtown several times. We ventured into the daily outdoor marketplace, mainly to look around. We did shop at some of the craft shops there, bringing home wonderful hand-carved pieces. One young entrepeneur found out we were getting married and insisted we buy champagne glasses from him, which he had etched with our names, date of our wedding, and doves. They're wonderful and we're so happy we have them now! We were definitely tourists in a less-frequented tourist area,...Read More