London Journals

Ye Olde London Towne

An April 2002 trip to London by Sierra

Golden armor Photo, London, England More Photos
Quote: When I went to school in Arundel, West Sussex, for a semester back in 1991, I absolutely fell for London, and I visit whenever I can afford to!
Loo of the Year Photo, London, England
Found this sign in the "loo" (bathroom) of the Tower of London. While this is probably an important award in the British tourism industry, it struck me as pretty funny. On the other hand, the Tower of London lavatory facilities ARE incredibly nice.
Golden armor Photo, London, England
I am an avid photographer, and attached you will see some photographs from my last trip to London. I use an old Minolta with a 50mm lens most of the time, or Fuji multi-panorama one-use cameras.

The photos in this journal were taken in the White Tower of the Tower of London--the armories.