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Seoul in the winter

A February 1997 trip to Seoul by HirenG

Quote: Seoul is a beautiful city with very friendly people, an excellent transport system in the form of the underground railway, large but cute indoor markets especially famous for the wide variety of reasonably priced clothing, and good sightseeing attractions.

Dam Yeung


Best Things Nearby:5 minutes by taxi would get you to Teng Peung station, from where you can get the 8:50am train to Chong Yang Ni station in Seoul in another 50 minutes! This is a junction and yu can get the underground train to various parts of Seoul at very reasonable rates. Around the resort you could visit a few ski slopes (at varying distances starting from 25kms) and some village markets selling local products.Best Things About the Resort:The best thing is the resort itself. We had booked our unit through RCI and stayed there for five nights. One of the two bedrooms was a Korean-style room with mattresses placed on the floor. We visited during the winter and, before rea...Read More

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Dam Yeung
Yeng Pieng
Seoul, South Korea

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