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The Thai Getaway

A February 2002 trip to Bangkok by HirenG

Quote: Our trip to Thailand included 3 days in Bangkok and did we enjoy our stay! A beautiful and lively city with a variety of easily available accommodation at reasonable rates, a variety of excellent quality food, a good transportion system in place for commuting and shopping -- WOW what a shopping paradise!!
Mega-stores all over Bangkok sell branded items but these stores are especially more densely located around the World Trade Centre and Sarangon Road.

Shopping for clothes is a special treat. Almost all international brands are freely available at these stores and most of the time there are discount sales as well.

So if you are patient and enjoy spending days at a stretch for shopping, you are bound to get branded products at amazing bargains.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 16, 2003

Commuting in Bangkok is tough and dangerous but the conception that taxis are recommended is wrong--in fact, being in a taxi and getting stuck in one of those famous Bangkok traffic jams can get frustrating!! We did not travel even once by taxi during our stay in Bangkok, except for the airport transfers. The sky train is the best mode of commuting, especially if it runs anywhere close to your desired point of travel. Buses are also very comfortable and the network covers the city well. For short distances tuk-tuks are convinient. The people are like those in most big cities, always in a hurry, but most of them are nice and helpful. As is the general principle in a strange ci...Read More

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