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A July 2000 trip to St. Barthelemy by PIANOMAN

Carl Gustaf-Gustavia Photo, St. Barthelemy, Caribbean More Photos
Quote: Our first visit to the Caribbean. We stopped in St. Martin and stayed in St. Bart. These are notes from my journal of this trip. SB is still one of my favorite islands.

Carl Gustaf-Gustavia

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Carl Gustaf-Gustavia Photo, St. Barthelemy, Caribbean
We flew into St. Martin, unable to catch the puddle-jumper because of strong, annual Christmas winds. Our first night on St. Martin was fairly uneventful, with temporary shelter non-impressive. We called the Gustaf regarding delay in plans, no problem. The next morning we were informed that flights were being cancelled because of wind conditions, our only choice being a late morning boat from a harbour in Phillpsburg,whatever...We arrived at Bobby''s Marina boarded a 2-hulled cat for the trip over. The sea was pretty choppy but we soon reached our destination, though slightly wet. We pulled into Gustavia, the capital of St Bart. A member of the CG staff was there to greet us, and a wonderf...Read More

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Carl Gustaf-Gustavia
Rue Des Normands 700
Gustavia, St. Barts

Exploring St. Barts


First off, I loved driving 'round St. Bart's in my mini-mook. I wish the whole world just drove mini-mooks. We probably wouldn't have these world problems. Anyway, a mini-mook is a great little jeep-like car-thing that you rent as soon as possible. Driving around St. Bart's is like driving around a Disneyland ride only everyone speaks French here. Hell, my driveway back home would be considered a freeway on St. Barts. There's a total of maybe six roads on the entire island, so it's pretty hard to get lost.I think you're supposed to drive on the other side of the road. One of the most memorable places we stopped was watching arriving visitors brave the flight over from St. Marteen. ...Read More

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Exploring St. Barts
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